Wednesday, March 18, 2009

finished Charms

Well I Finally finished two sets of charms *yay me* =^.^= one is a tribute to Fruit basket ((is an anime for all of your that don't know)) I feel in love with the idea behind the story so thought id sit down and make a few of them so here they are.

And My Second set Fruit and mushrooms and cupcakes =^.^=

The Charms are made from Polymer clay and baked then Painted with Artists Acrylic and vanished.
I will be putting the Charms up for Sale on Esty st some point ill keep you posted =^.^=

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of Paints and Charms

Well I've started to make charms on top of my bear making...though I'm taken a short break my fingers got so sour from sewing that I had to stop :( well for a little bit and disided to try my hand at making charms from polymer clay I've had some experience with clay before so it wasn't like I was going in blind. i also had done allot of reading on the subject before hand so within a week i had all I needed to start making charms

My tools so far... and yes the fruit basket book is part of my tools mainly for when the paints drying lol

Well after making a few and painting some others and some are still sitting in there base coats ((i thought it best to have a base coat under the main colour I think it helps with the main colour)) ii was very happy with how they turned out and was egaly waiting to paint the others the rose was going to be a challenge as i wanted to add more then just one colour to it we will see how it goes

a little further along

well I now have started to varnish a few of them lol I managed to not only vanish them but myself to, it was allot of fun as you can see the mushrooms are starting to take shape as well as the rose I have started to paint a few of the others that you can see at the back so hopefully later on ill have a finished picture for you all to look at but yes that is what I'm up to though I am still trying to get a bunny finished for my best friend Des but as my fingers got so soar its taken longer then I would have liked it to >.<