Wednesday, March 18, 2009

finished Charms

Well I Finally finished two sets of charms *yay me* =^.^= one is a tribute to Fruit basket ((is an anime for all of your that don't know)) I feel in love with the idea behind the story so thought id sit down and make a few of them so here they are.

And My Second set Fruit and mushrooms and cupcakes =^.^=

The Charms are made from Polymer clay and baked then Painted with Artists Acrylic and vanished.
I will be putting the Charms up for Sale on Esty st some point ill keep you posted =^.^=

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of Paints and Charms

Well I've started to make charms on top of my bear making...though I'm taken a short break my fingers got so sour from sewing that I had to stop :( well for a little bit and disided to try my hand at making charms from polymer clay I've had some experience with clay before so it wasn't like I was going in blind. i also had done allot of reading on the subject before hand so within a week i had all I needed to start making charms

My tools so far... and yes the fruit basket book is part of my tools mainly for when the paints drying lol

Well after making a few and painting some others and some are still sitting in there base coats ((i thought it best to have a base coat under the main colour I think it helps with the main colour)) ii was very happy with how they turned out and was egaly waiting to paint the others the rose was going to be a challenge as i wanted to add more then just one colour to it we will see how it goes

a little further along

well I now have started to varnish a few of them lol I managed to not only vanish them but myself to, it was allot of fun as you can see the mushrooms are starting to take shape as well as the rose I have started to paint a few of the others that you can see at the back so hopefully later on ill have a finished picture for you all to look at but yes that is what I'm up to though I am still trying to get a bunny finished for my best friend Des but as my fingers got so soar its taken longer then I would have liked it to >.<

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rabbits and there whiskers

well I've been working on a new pattern a rabbit its coming on but still not right the feet are to big and don't seem to do what i want at all the mussel isn't long enoth for my liking and I'm having issues finding something for whiskers and the ears don't stand up...ill use stronger wire the next time..but i must admit his a cute little chappy.

****he sits on my printer giving me the look of..when are you going to finish me then starts listing of all the things he would like he wants cloths he tells me if he has to live in England he demands something to keep him warm...i asked him well what if you go abroad will you need them there...he raised his ear and cocked his head and asked..."would you want me to go out into this world in just my birthday suit" then started grumbling about something else ...what a cheeky rabbit i told myself as i contemplate what i should dress him in****

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Topsy and Turvy and a drawing ontop

well i finished this two little ones in between making other bears they just seemed to keep fulling by the way side, so i put some time aside and finished them both.
and heres a new drawing its Turvy in his little home in the village of littlepawziee.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Newest Bear Violet

Well i completed a new bear her name is Violet. i revamped an older pattern as i wasn't happy with a few areas the feet and a little of the face..its still a work in progress really I'm still not completely happy with the face as of yet I've also been working on a few more upside down bears I'm nearly finished just sewing the ear on one and also working on a few new water colours which i will show once i have mounted them so keep looking back.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Snow and to many Period Dramas

I braved the cold to get this picture of the first snow yesterday morning ^.^

Well the weathers followed me back from Washington state USA it snowed all of yesterday so Ive been curled up on my chair in my blankie watching all the period dramas i could get my hands on I really enjoyed "Northanger Abbey, Mansfield park and of course my all time favorite pride and Prejudice, I actually found the very first one that i watched when i was allot younger

the clothing is all wrong but i just love it anyway Ive also been working on a new bear and finishing of a little hat for one of my "upside down bears" though my other half said it looks like a hermit crab -.- cheeky little...... lol.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Garden The Cats and The Bears

One of my newest designed bears Charlie my mother feel in love this is little guy

The Garden and how its meant to look...Minus a few weeds -.-

I know its a little early to be thinking of the garden..but i cannot help it Ive been away for 3 months ((Visiting with my Fiance in Washington state and yes i hate leaving him so very painful but right now we have no choose)) but anyway the garden, my mother cannot bend down to do any weeding so i took it over and well with traveling and everything else its got a little out of hand again the weeds are trying to take over -.- and the cats keep using it as a Kittie litter...there wild cats but next door feeds them basically the story goes the lady that used to own them along with 15 other cats that have either vanished or found other homes now, died leaving behind all this cats no one claimed them so they wondered 3 of them stayed behind an old tom cat named Moget and two kittens ((the ones that keep using my poor garden as there loo *grumbles* and Ive tried everything to stop them and i really hate having to clean up after them and it makes gardening not so pleasant but anyway Ive made up my mind..when the weather turns nicer I'm gonna blitz the garden hopefully before all the plants start waking back up...though i did notice some are already poking there heads out lets just hope the frost doesn't get them up above is what my garden usually looks like though i do spy some weeds in that picture to -.-.
The bears well I'm working on a new bear I'm hoping he turns out alright his meant to be a realistic bear...but we will see how he goes his nose is coursing me no end of trouble Ive unpicked it so many time so far, hoping this time that i have it right. I'm always thinking of something for Valentine's day should have really done something allot earlier but I'm a slow get goer sometimes but ill get there Ive already got an idea in my head ^.^ Ive got some lovely white fur sitting in my chest just waiting for another bear to jump out of it I'm thinking this guys gonna be a 12inch bear not to big