Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Garden The Cats and The Bears

One of my newest designed bears Charlie my mother feel in love this is little guy

The Garden and how its meant to look...Minus a few weeds -.-

I know its a little early to be thinking of the garden..but i cannot help it Ive been away for 3 months ((Visiting with my Fiance in Washington state and yes i hate leaving him so very painful but right now we have no choose)) but anyway the garden, my mother cannot bend down to do any weeding so i took it over and well with traveling and everything else its got a little out of hand again the weeds are trying to take over -.- and the cats keep using it as a Kittie litter...there wild cats but next door feeds them basically the story goes the lady that used to own them along with 15 other cats that have either vanished or found other homes now, died leaving behind all this cats no one claimed them so they wondered 3 of them stayed behind an old tom cat named Moget and two kittens ((the ones that keep using my poor garden as there loo *grumbles* and Ive tried everything to stop them and i really hate having to clean up after them and it makes gardening not so pleasant but anyway Ive made up my mind..when the weather turns nicer I'm gonna blitz the garden hopefully before all the plants start waking back up...though i did notice some are already poking there heads out lets just hope the frost doesn't get them up above is what my garden usually looks like though i do spy some weeds in that picture to -.-.
The bears well I'm working on a new bear I'm hoping he turns out alright his meant to be a realistic bear...but we will see how he goes his nose is coursing me no end of trouble Ive unpicked it so many time so far, hoping this time that i have it right. I'm always thinking of something for Valentine's day should have really done something allot earlier but I'm a slow get goer sometimes but ill get there Ive already got an idea in my head ^.^ Ive got some lovely white fur sitting in my chest just waiting for another bear to jump out of it I'm thinking this guys gonna be a 12inch bear not to big