Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weather in WA State

the flooding at The Turkey house Washington state

and up it came

well last few weeks have been weird we have gone from ice to heavy snow to flooding and all in the time Ive been here staying with my fiance over the holidays :S does bad weather just follow me around -.-...pat puts it down to me being from England lol
Pat had phoned me at lunch time asking me to keep an eye on the flood lvls, so there i was keeping my eye on his computer screen as he was on call out for the turkey house, The place floods pretty badly every time there's alot of rain and with the added snow fall we had had just weeks before it wasn't looking good for the old place.
At about 2 Pat came back home to picked me up and of we went to the turkey house to get it ready for the floods to come.
Up went all the chairs and booths in the Restaurant then the sand bagging at the doors the fire brigade and another emergence aid come over to give us a hand.
Then we stood and watched as the water started to rise.
The cleaning up is still going on today.

ice on plant O.o

One morning when i went out to take Kaiya for her morning walk.
We came across one of my poor Potted plants frozen...completely, it was not even a thin sliver of ice it was well see for yourself..((see above))