Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rabbits and there whiskers

well I've been working on a new pattern a rabbit its coming on but still not right the feet are to big and don't seem to do what i want at all the mussel isn't long enoth for my liking and I'm having issues finding something for whiskers and the ears don't stand up...ill use stronger wire the next time..but i must admit his a cute little chappy.

****he sits on my printer giving me the look of..when are you going to finish me then starts listing of all the things he would like he wants cloths he tells me if he has to live in England he demands something to keep him warm...i asked him well what if you go abroad will you need them there...he raised his ear and cocked his head and asked..."would you want me to go out into this world in just my birthday suit" then started grumbling about something else ...what a cheeky rabbit i told myself as i contemplate what i should dress him in****